Issue 6 – Summer 2004 – Iris Alkalay

Iris Alkalay



After the sun has turned away again
and the leaves have flown from the trees
after the monarchs
after the birds

after the clouds have drawn a sheet across the sky
and the days have flown like leaves from the trees
the days raked into mounds on the iron ground
the mounds of days on fire
their smoke raking the brown sky

after the last dark apples have dropped
and the pebbles are laid upon the stone
and the thousand sounds of your voice are inverted into rain

when the maze of bright parrots
let their browning feathers drift against my face
when here is after, when you are before
then the hours will begin to softly snow.


Iris Alkalay is a lawyer, Spanish translator and musician. She has poems in 2River View and articles related to her memoir, My Father’s Three Bulgarias, in the University of Pittsburgh’s Bulgarian Scholar’s Association Journal and the Bulgarian journal Djalt Trud. She lives with her two sons near Boston.



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