Issue 14 – Summer 2008 – John Robinson

John Robinson

Open Letter

At first I witnessed
 A storm of colour

 Preening itself with
The remainder of a lost

Story, written for you
 So many years ago.


Remember as we would
 the cool touch of dew
  saturated apples,

 dangling like green
  moons before us,
 swaying gently as

Chinese lanterns hanging
  from a small vessel,
moving slowly upstream.



John Robinson, born cancer 1963, UK. Began to write poetry mid-teens, first publication aged 16. I have been published in over 150 small press magazines newspapers, journals & text books thru out UK & Europe. Have read & held poetry workshops in schools & colleges, have given extensive public readings. I have three published collections. Time Signatures, 1991, Envoi Poets; Sky-Fall Blossom, 2006    holy&intoxicated Publications; Glass Orchards & The Serene Smiles Of A Wine-Drunk-Buddha High On A Quiet Breath Of Colou, 2008  holy&intoxicated Publications. All of my books are available by ordering online or thru any major book-store. I am currently at work on a forth book. I am married, have one daughter & 4 cats & I am influenced by all that has life & so beauty.