Issue 10 – Summer 2006 – Cindy Savett

Cindy Savett



I have begun 
you again

beside your dark 
your cloak of shadows

I rise a morning
where you 

hollow winter bones



dull thud

I stitch your name through the night
silver thread across the mouth of each vowel

deception by a single 

no earth in the grave
no fire 
in my sleeping eyes


                      one untied branch
                      misted anchor

                      dull thud 
                      for the frantic



Cindy Savett, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, lives in the Philadelphia area with her family. She teaches poetry workshops to psychiatric inpatients at Friends Hospital. Her poems have appeared in recent issues of LIT, MargieThe Marlboro Review, CutBank, 26 Magazine, and other journals.