Issue 9 – Winter 2005 – Maurice Scully

Maurice Scully


[Blessing The Animals]

      the spring-born population stays put
in its region of birth
      the Great Lakes of North America.

      of the autum-born population
1/3 hibernates
      while the remaining 2/3 
set out southwards
      on a narrow unwavering route.
it’s a journey of 3000 kilometres
      down to south Texas/northern Mexico.

on arrival they gather in one or two
      valleys on particular conifers
in their millions
      & rest there till spring
& mate.

then this immense blizzard of wings
      begins to move northwards
travelling in a more leisurely way
      feeding & laying their eggs along the route …

                the train’s shadow
                flickering over the fields

the Monarch is a long-lived butterfly
      each individual surviving approximately
one year.
      their migration pattern is as follows

                      a child nearby
                        at a window

                 (migration pattern is as)

                      where the world
                        tracks past a

                      very young child
                          so happy so

                       taken aback

              sings. (follows) & it beats
                disclosing  enclosing

                      flash! fold flash!
                close slit show shock

                  blind shock black
                 shock/light exuding

                     over the visible
                     light intruding

                     on the visible
                   light corroding

                 the leaves leaving
                   only the light.


          dispersal                  patterns

     are as                                        follows.

  map.                                                   stop.

count.                                                     then

  immense                                        upsurge

       white                                    red

                   amber               dark 


  the need for flattened bark-dwelling insects
  to get away from predators on tree-trunks may
  well have provided the selective pressure that
  led to the evolution of wings – between rains
  we lay listening lay waiting – you know me …

      rain on glass to the side of yr face


          a door shut in the corridor



Maurice Scully was born Dublin 1952, educated Trinity College, Dublin. Now settled again in Dublin after years away with his wife & 4 children. Several books over the years, most from a single project, most recent of which Livelihood appeared from Wild Honey Press in 2004. The closing two books from this project, which began 25 years ago, are due from Reality Street Editions and Shearsman Books this year: Sonata and Tig, respectively.