Issue 7 – Winter 2004 – Peter Minter

Peter Minter


Prologue v9.2.2

It could start here, again,
summer on the edge of instant war

night flowering under courage
stole from municipal stars

where olive leaves
in freshly graded parks

look slightly lossy in the breeze,
definition soft

& dry as moonlight. 
The cities will all fall

into an open sky,
your epidermis tracked by satellites

barely strikes
a shadow in the fusive afterglow

of hydrocarbon jets.
So goodbye, go out & find

what there is to say 
of transformation, the sparkle, junk

and greenest hearts. Go out
before the world knows you’re not.



Peter Minter is a poet living in Sydney, Australia. His most recent collection is Morning, Hyphen, published by Equipage, Cambridge, and his new collection blue grass will appear soon.