Issue 4 – Summer 2003 – William Jay

William Jay


Long After Dark

a train carrying 
contraband cargo 
passes by farms 
and hills 
on its way to a depot 
far underground

while men in masks 
and bio hazard suits 
prepare for a disaster 
and plot a course 
for the stars

but oh the wind blows 
hard here 
and will not dissipate 
until long after dark 



I sit on the bank

of Lake Ray Hubbard 
and look out

into the blank pornography 
of the night

(the water rises to meet me) 
I can see the blue-green

light of a boat in the distance 
while a fish floats by

on undulating waves 
its white belly bathed

in a hallucinatory radiance 

I can have none of this 
I have no thoughts

(a faint echo of stars) 
the descent

of an unidentified 
but topless sky



William Jay was born in Minneapolis in 1957. In the late seventies (after briefly studying in Rome, Italy), he studied under the Phenomenologist and Philosopher, Doctor Josef Seifert at the University of Dallas. He is currently working on a book of poetry, TelePrompTer & Other Poems. He lives in Paris, France.