Issue 4 – Summer 2003 – Sheila Murphy

Sheila Murphy


Chance F/light 

Rest precares for toffee as
The slain defense portrays
Faint guardian precept
Tainting crew light

Serenity become preclusive
In the swollen fire
Taste widened a part of see-
Through clasp to frame

In part the terrace
And the bluff, the craven
Cache of lathe in scribbled
Winter on a far park

Twisted white and gemmed
As pure as soffit
If the color jaune
Turns simpler than the clouded sea



Revoice the carriage as sure
Lack of aspirant’s repair
Streamline cauterized young piano
Tones plucked over raven stripes

Into the luster grasped to
Emirate divorce as faint
Daybreak wearing attitude divines
A toy broom corded fast

The latecome anchor swells
The wheat’s lone
Prowess as shy face
Afforded few bonanzas

Trace one finger where the hand
Traced on a page of paper
Becomes silver against the painted grape
As episodic float in space



Forthcoming books by Sheila E. Murphy include Letters to Unfinished J. (Green Integer), Green Tea with Ginger (Potes & Poets), and Incessant Seeds (Pavement Saw). Murphy¹s work has appeared widely. Recent performances include the Brisbane Writers Festival (Queensland, Australia), Arvon Foundation (UK), and the Boston Poetry Festival. Her home is in Phoenix, Arizona.