Issue 33 – 2022 – John Kinsella – Shy Sun Orchid Fourier Transform Paraphs

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John Kinsella

Shy Sun Orchid Fourier Transform Paraphs

Climb out of the grasses
on fool’s gold gradient

to pastel a plume of demi–
lit sun; an act of imagism

vs. realism, a vacillating
uptake of attractions.


Stunner to my insect-human eyes,
implanted when I was

a child; missed by pathology,
screen-tests for creativity.

Staring so long to catch flowers
opening, grass scintillate

reminder of perceptual
intensity; insect-human eyes.


Nothing left growing
when extracted in future tense,

sap risen to last flower’s
apex of repetition; mimicry

of a prototype
claiming posterity.


How syncopated the conversations,
shared space of growth and fertilising.

Between seasons when silence;
temporal map of pollen fractals.

Flourishing bacilli or building
blocks of ensuing epochs –

all those precise, predictive
almanacs: the floral linguistics.


We imagine the flourishes
charting a spectrum,

indulging in saturation.
At which point they dazzled.

Singularly. As plethora.
Flaming with rumour

even after the infrared ID,
after flowers shuttered with night.

I was there for the long haul,
attracted and committed.


Too long in a sun
I sought the cool

of gradient as seasons
switched about – reassurance

of fool’s gold, cold sweat
but high UV. Orange worldviews.

Declining but rising to red,
secondary as hue in a centring of palmistry.

What else could I do
but believe?                      Rhetorically.



John Kinsella’s recent books of poetry include Insomnia (Picador, 2019/Norton, 2020), Brimstone: a book of villanelles (Arc, 2020) and Aftering Delmore Schwartz’s A Season in Hell [Rimbaud] Translation (Equipage, 2021). Recent critical titles include Beyond Ambiguity: tracing literary sites of activism (Manchester University Press, 2021) and Legibility: an anti-fascist poetics (Palgrave, 2022).

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