Issue 33 – 2022 – Jimmy Cummins – The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing

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Jimmy Cummins

The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing

After Jennifer Packer


to see satisfaction

splashes of grease

to paint

he is no saint

held torso in figure

junction with colour

lily and rose

lilac and trace

we bleed

sit folded under the moon

the cross section of stillness


the industrial places soon to be

the places to be

the objects of our lives

to cool and sit in that space

hearing and writing and feeling

all at once

the object implied

the move transcribed

(can poetry do the same in tiny bursts)

of texture

(nut the poem can not hold the plane)

and detail at once

(all we have is fragments strung together)

where movements of heat

turned to colour

the domestic noise

tightly held buds

return to present

but absent

follow the arrows

and find you watching / reflecting

an invitation of slowness

Jimmy Cummins is a poet, editor and teacher based in East London. With Andy Spragg, he edits RunAmok Press. Previous books include Cities (distance no object, 2021) and Flash Bang (Veer 2011).

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