Issue 25 – 2014 – Recent & Notable 2014

Recent & Notable 

Jack ChristianFamily System (Center for Literary Publishing, CSU: 2012). Winner of the Colorado Prize for Poetry. In one poem, Christian writes “and the experience of the daffodil/where the waterfall was what a surprise”; Christian’s warm, witty, colloquial poems are full of surprises, all of them made in the U.S.A, all worth the closest attention.–Jon Thompson

Carolyn GuinzioSpoke and Dark (Red Hen Press, 2012). Winner of the To the Lighthouse Poetry Publication Prize. In an age of cookie-cutter poetry full of the same sense of inconsequentiality, Carolyn Guinzio’s poetry-disciplined, deft and well-made–stands out for its deep thoughtfulness, formal exactitude and uncompromising vision. A poetry rich in its awareness of the world.–Jon Thompson

Joseph MasseyAt the Point (Shearsman Books, 2011). Massey excels at rendering, with great precision, a consciousness keenly attuned to the smallest movements in nature–and in the world humans have made out of nature. In doing so, Massey captures the drift of our time.–Jon Thompson

Ernst MeisterIn Time’s Rift. Translated by Graham Foust and Samuel Frederick. (Wave Books, 2012). Taut, spare lyrics that, like Celan’s poetry, meditate upon the limitations of human experience. Meister’s poetry refuses easy conclusions, but at the same time his poetry comes to meditate upon the possibilities of poetry in a universe indifferent to language.–Jon Thompson