Issue 25 – 2014 – Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin


Hollow Allow Woods, 3:        (bowl / trees / dome)

How a co-venture (sting of vacuity, prick of trees) installed its canopy stratus     of
rootable figments but penultimate in capsule-offering     which takes leaf only a
single depth away from porch of sky       whose branches are a lull from cranking in
gulf                 a hollow spent-away regroups the victim virtues of sacrifrontal
woodland       tendrils curl apart a resnared dome of green above spare desertion—
even lacking how these haggards lurk but abrasives in shoot enough for weakly
vertical insertion




a branch acrostic 
quips absent nervures 
of a lost ground’s 
vertical striation 
it might openly 
respite its narrows 
the tallest way 

ascent’s no longer 
concise surface 
new plaiding over 
any root-slate 
within hollow 

occlusive retrievals 
steal every mid- 
texture set before 
mine unprovisional 
open sky, now a 
content of perfect 
removal regains 
a stone hovering


Positioned void granted a crackle of exposure     reknit by that tactical admission
onto whose severals new separable skin marks a shedding      that is all for taller sides
of      the lengths of itself no longer laterally contained      the deviation has to be
trunk-specific as trained on the sky’s own untouchables never any further than a tip’s
suffered unbowing

Where hollow begins to tumble through its bin of concessions, branch convection
tepid enough for infill     waging recovery aisles until its scoop is bundled in with
passage towards some unhurting skimpily roofed     not without limp hurtles to
sphere where an apparent leavening presses on it      abashed sky could no longer dash
this filmiest sheen of depth onto any downward retention     that trees might saddle
any green rubble to such pallid gaps


greasing the tangle-norm 
sliding a thicket 
where it bunches and 
indurates, consent begins the 
abrogation-caps of 
justified crown 

wedged trees in- 
solvent uppermost 
speed their knapped alarms 
in fate, within gear 
to wait on such 
vertical relapses 
from entrapment

With trees backing a random tilth there could only be vertical remuneration     light
sanding at the lean from branch dries out in valid coast of crest applied sky     doesn’t
regale a lost surface but pillories it, poles towards its refluct stand, then riffles over
according to gleanable cravings of sky     the original quarry bowl didn’t know its
own swerve but at this soldered vacuum is in lieu of that exact suction of extraction

What sinks any prospecting beech onto new embedding     it lives out of cavities
which can’t be what interior it is      untethereds of confined diversity       tread gaps
of upshot into what it is not       leaving off traipses the stakes of dropped traffic onto
sky      any affinity between intent and container is long since better removable upon
slims of an upright condition


englobing some motes 
finds hollowness 
coaxing the trees 

fixed leaching onto 
feedables of sky, a 
prism of tinctures 
filtering off this 
bottoming reflex, 
a prison tree starved 
into radials 

never ownmost 
scoured to exposure 
but insofar 
sown hoist = canopy 

which allowance kicks 
back as will maim 
at sky, never less be- 
hind its evens each 
way the punches 
into gauze beset 
with crumple-zone


Foliages as a musk of secondary detention thronging right across the directional span
of recomplied flow        diagonal giving out at taper from which there is no tertiary
abstention from an unaffordable pool of sky      the hollow’s own flare is now
primary propension     these trees put up a baffle against clean mirroring      invite
from hollow skies whichever eye to eye is steady refraction but weaker cross-
defensive lash      petty offering might follow out a tie of co-figuration, skimped rank
blanket taken to vertical image



Peter Larkin‘s three collections of poetry are Terrain Seed Scarcity (2001), Leaves of Field (2006) and Lessways Least Scarce Among (2012). He contributed to The Ground Aslant: an Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry (2011) and published a book of academic essays, Wordsworth & Coleridge: Promising Losses in 2012. A new collection, Give Forest Its Next Portent, is due out from Shearsman later this year.