Issue 25 -2014 – Iain Britton

Iain Britton



at the bus stop / the girl waits /
a patient companion / she wants to know

where he’s going / which bus what direction / 
who it is who stands in the dust

she wants to know about his pictures 
his beautiful pictures / why he shreds them 
for the seagulls / who it is who finally

pays up / goes with her

rooms to let

through my window / monuments
crumble into drunks / mixed genders
angels in shabby clothes / a crowd
hacks at the air to get a look in
they knock at places with rooms to let
you pick up another man’s junk

we’re witnesses to things as they happen
we avoid confrontations / zeroing-in

on the mischievous cackle of a river

sleeping in

cranes swivel
pick up pull down 
parcels of merchandise
the bay white-washes
couples hugging lawns
intimacy is stepping 
over one another
mouths gaping
at heads on flagpoles

a house pays the price
for sleeping in



Since 2008, Iain Britton has had 5 collections of poems published, plus two pamphlets, mainly in the UK. Also, his work was included in the Shearcatcher Poetry Anthology published by Shearsman Books, 2012. A new collection by Kilmog Press has just been published, with Rufus Books (Canada) publishing in 2016.