Issue 23 – Winter 2013 – John D. Fry

John D. Fry


from letters from a dark star

               iii / Sachs

                                    my books have wandered about

as orphans, every breath
I draw belief in


suffusion with pain
inspiritment of

                                    dust, vocation

we are called
in an invisible universe

                                    we mark out our

dark accomplishment
light makes the stone

                                    break into music

longing pierces from the very
beginning where the wash of

                                    uncertainty begins

blessing be
with you

               viii / Celan

from my heart, all the unanswerable
questions      these dark days

this ghostly, mute not-yet, this even
more ghostly and mute no-longer

and once-again, between the unforeseeable,
even tomorrow, even today, ever yours

               xii / Sachs

your book of
radiance, your Zohar

crystalline angels
letters, transparent in spirit

active in the creation
outside the threshold, kneeling

dust and tears
cracks it comes

gate that leads
veiling creation

God went into
exile (tsimtsum)

world out of
his inner self

all your breaths
so blessed your

               xiii / Sachs

two handwritings are left
in which the letters glow

almost eight years
Germany bristling

one human
was enough

you came
holy word

               xvi / Sachs

grant such comfort, such joy

death-mouth November glowing

Mandelstam again deep-eyed

still moist dripping from the source

transformation       translation      deep doubts

polar light locked in its crystal       even after contact

my unquiet blood      these nocturnal stammering



John D. Fry is the author of the chapbook silt will swirl (NewBorder Publishing). He will receive his MFA from Texas State University San-Marcos in December of 2012. Poems have appeared or are forthcoming in This Spectral EvidencePebble Lake Review, and Konundrum Engine Literary Review, among others. He serves as an editor for Newfound: An Inquiry of Place and for Front Porch.