Issue 22 – Spring 2012 – Joseph Massey

Joseph Massey



and what remains of them. Night, 
here, coheres;

and the mind unsettles in.

Other Increments

Winter’s arrhythmic timbre 
dislocates landscape, con- 
jures robins where frost

and mud would be. 
This supposed January. 
No rain to fail to say

the hours through: the din, 
the dumbshow, the light 
off-kilter and hollowing.

How everyday ready-mades 
anchor the real. Acacia 
in bloom—migraine-yellow—

encroaches the window 
while sun divides 
the room. Lines of dust

suspended in dust. Turn.
Find tide’s out: black 
plane beneath water’s

holographic gray. 
Cloud-rifts rove. 
Three bees drone

around the sill 
as if to carve their form 
from warped wood.



Joseph Massey is the author of Areas of Fog (Shearsman Books, 2009) and At the Point (Shearsman Books, 2011), as well as numerous chapbooks. He lives on the North Coast of California.