Shu-Ching Wu


When I Have Doubts

the moon’s ungrudging attention toward this earth

doesn’t assure me

nor does the wind that rustles through the leaves

and pretends to fall with them

nor does the street light messing up the uncertain air

taking the mind off from contemplating a clear direction.


Only those dry branches—

waving hands—monkey-like—

seem to wait for something

like not waiting, like my waiting.

What is to come is too much of a question to be a question any more.

A state of readiness, a giving-up of knowing.



Shu-Ching Wu is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in English at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She writes in both Chinese and English. She is a prize-winning poet and has published a Chinese poetry collection, Today Sits in Dust, in Taiwan in 2003.