Issue 20 – Spring 2011 – Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin


from Between Branches, 1

Shutters all that spaces free-file, taken in the between which do not shuttle, no local
focus reduces to meek middling stress clipped to stripe        but an open linear overtakes
its weave, the recursive gets to refrain more steeply into plight straight through betweens
of broadening terminals

idyllic enlacement scouts the very brush of sweeping it abyss, what still lurks to miss its
step through the gauze, lesser passage engulfing identical twig tally at a ramified real
tender vacuum        forks among dis-solids granted whole pendings of the retention

within the cellules much overlip from chamber but which filter up the scale (in reverse
green wilt) a lending of understood scarcity towards          between branches until fed leaks
of its failed stanches

               branch to arch low
               attenuation pathway,
               hollow breaches in-
               festing local confluence

               let the branches of a
               tree do rear-guardedly
               its redundant organs

Damaged upright skies with inviolate plant arts, this particular unparched risk cures to a
between: the branch-instant is not in itself ramified

a surplus immediary derives betweening by getting at local openness      before a crucial
unriven is given stress of gap among what is always less than its breadth of siteless

you go between branch in disparate envelope never in fact fingered by trees:      particles
won’t envisage crossing until partitions become nothing hollower than all sides enface
the bifurcation rather than feature into rift

performing diagonals on branch in release whose crossings go to it only on the slant:
these hollows are its horizontals in field degree of nil resistance        dis-hasards tuned to
glitches (pitch at fault) between

               a slender frontage init-
               iation by branching be-
               fore the main crick of
               an unsurfaced between



Intensive branching focal for gap held out, the allowance is passenger on longest-term
alliance minus absorption back to net         but what an entire cosmology can grain from its
filter        the branches go far out of pitch as real-space overwhole chasers so long as the
escapement cribs it between

they form an inlet latch of horizon      slimming its sinking sun to this eye-upon       with
no flicking past generic gap that might be induced to gaze ahead of the between

chinks of a reticulate universal likely to become granular in its gratitude for the co-fear
of a startle-point       even more can we be surprised without remainder, without raining
on the between a threnody of encapsulation

               no clean passaging
               either except a spray
               padding out times swollen-
               headed at the between

               eviction’s fettle got between
               branches, not stall-
               ing but entailing


Nothing in loop but on brink of awaiting a lace        beyond mediation what is flexing 
(and flawing) the sinews of divided admittance         differentiate by elective gaps that 
obstruction might be in no way of of         without collapsing back onto solid-branch
material remittance       glade in minute stay of dressing a gauze to it

reserve charge rather than thanked resistance but switched on-branch, intermedially the
hollowing bows across the bridge of its stretch

to intersect by infinite reversion locally followed      in one impoverished loosening
even more concrete a loss is offered to material selection, where the release should only
overtake on its limits across a vertical

whatever between branch is evasive won’t be materialized by any revised affinity: the
distribution itself was hyperbolic in keeping to one side of suspended origin whose
braiding has now given open pleat to place

               back-split branches prove
               unarrayed thud is live wood
               getting across encelled
               into its failure, eyelet
               at the heart starlight gauze

               animation between acrosses
               resorts to no self-suspension
               privileging each lacking

If depreciation in green were to multiply off its blades, but those indentations assign a
lane of reserve        each time stuttering by lure, these are the consents of spaces of repair
between branches equally sighs the tree

affrontal branching seeks a co-debtor in snatching from gap     needs a whole tree make-ready 
ready for its differential leaching

really tiny nothings in loop but through to its needle-assent in unhemming the outline of
all these betweens up the very lee of branch-pierced foliage



Peter Larkin is the author of Terrain Seed Scarcity, (Salt, 2001), and Leaves of Field (Shearsman, 2006). A new collection Lessways Least Scarce Among is promised from The Gig. Recent work has appeared in Stride, Blackbox Manifold, Poetry Wales, Quarterly West and New Walk. He has also contributed to The Ground Aslant: an Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry (Shearsman, 2011) An interview with Edmund Hardy is available at Intercapillary Space and another has appeared (with Matthew Hall) on Cordite.