Brad Vogler


[: driving road]


driving road 
             a landscape

                         field corn 
                                      snowed fallows

                                                                your landscape of lake

(away other lake)



             a hold shaken but 

these are our 
                         lake                                                    lake




                                                   (a)/loud hold



[: still too a motion to]


still too a motion to 
still a motion still to yours 

nicknamed place of flowers 
nicknamed name of you



Brad Vogler just finished an MFA at Colorado State University. He has worked as a librarian for much of the last ten years. He does some work with a small press ( < > ) which recently released its third chapbook, this one by Kate Greenstreet. He has had work published in Versal, Ditch, Little Red Leaves, Blazevox, and Eccolinguistics and has work forthcoming in Word for/Word.