Issue 19 – Winter 2011 – Matthew Henriksen

Matthew Henriksen


Fucked Up World

Better present than in any future conceived
I brought boxes to pack books in

What can two people make but one bigger loneliness
before falling asleep shoulder to shoulder

in a room of crowded things
the same nameless light hits morning

after merciless morning
A pile driver in the movie

slams mud until a slum apartment collapses
Naples in black and white

Pretend above all to love this thing
this monstrous idea of a room

Forget where to put
what and what to give away

or suggest another corner
worse than the one you know



Matthew Henriksen’s first book, Ordinary Sun, will emerge from Black Ocean in 2011.  He is the author of the chapbooks “Another Word” (Double Cross Press) and “Is Holy” (horse less press).  Recent poems appear or are forthcoming in FenceSink ReviewSo and So MagazineAlice BlueRealpoetik and Ink Node.  He edits the online journal Typo and lives in yonder hills.