Issue 19 – Winter 2011 – Jeff Alessandrelli

Jeff Alessandrelli

I wanna find myself by the sea/In anothers company”

Asking directions to places 
he didn’t want to go,

the clouds overhead reminding him 
that they have nothing to say

about the future or how the engine 
actually works under the hood,

the musician─
dream thin and wizened─

farms sounds near a ripening 
at the back of his head,

the lulled textures and schisms 
sifting through to find a harvest

that without ever announcing itself 
to the brazen necessities of the world

noiselessly disintegrates 
into the wind─



Jeff Alessandrelli currently lives in Lincoln, NE; recent work appears in Denver Quarterly, Portland Review, Cream City Review, Shampoo and Hotel Amerika and is forthcoming in, among others, Sentence, Quarterly West, Western Humanities Review, Octopus and Laurel Review.