Issue 18 – Spring 2010 – Gabriel Jesiolowski

Gabriel Jesiolowski



please                                       all these white arrows

lichen which faults the tree
you have a lover now who keeps half of my name in her name
where am i buried then

cannot erase the edge-lines
 or dried grasses or                                     damsel flies  

or burnt grains 

last night

last night’s dream : a raft of fish bones / you said gingerly come lie here on the boat…
               these fish bones will support you
later in the dream i whispered that i would take my hands off for you


last night–

the black sky was dark blue, i was followed, then i couldn’t remember how to kiss



Gabrielle Jesiolowski is an artist, writer & curator. She currently lives in Ithaca, New York, where she studies duration, nostalgia & ikebana.