Issue 16 – Summer 2009 – Geoffrey Babbitt

Geoffrey Babbitt


We Wend Our Way Across Two Imaginings and Find The World Is Real

the sky sails on—fissures in 
what seems—man in a tall pipe 
showering under new light—someone stands
in the first place a second time 
and wakes to morning light 
through the interstices of wet boughs—
fissures in—the seamless
can be cracked wide—here is where
we enter through—rain shadow mess 
halos—follow into another
—silver breath increases itself—we get in 
water to see through surface 
from the other side



Geoffrey Babbitt’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in CutBankInterimDIAGRAMColorado ReviewOctopus MagazineWestern Humanities ReviewShampoo and elsewhere.  He is currently a Ph.D. student in poetry at the University of Utah, where he serves as an Associate Editor of poetry for Quarterly West.