Deborah Bernhardt


Industrial Photos

Texture is composed peaks arose. Outside itself
turns, whips, and peels. A fine toxic dust
tamps down the want to touch. No, it amps. The 
be and the am fall down, hardhats in progression
à la Magritte. Down, down. Be amber.


Churn eight bungalows
with all their subtle nails and timber
the little metal of them, all their TrueValue,
in the “Will it Blend” blender—then you’ll get
the warehoused texture you crave. 


Text her. Or are you made of w(o)o(u)(l)d (a) 
(coulda) (shoulda). All her dust ire 
falls in rue him. Rust and wood appeal 
in their oxy-hewn, tamarind hue, 
their selfsame oxytones. Beaminess.


Give saturation minutes to beams 
‘round beams. Saltatorial light says salutations. Beamfill! 
Light tailors to shape, pitches woo to the beamsome 
beam in the eye, to texture. Be a thrice: soothe, ruffle, 
develop. All hope, you who enter here.



Deborah Bernhardt’s poetry collection Echolalia was published by Four Way Books in 2006 as winner of the Intro Prize for Poetry. She is the 2008-2009 Second Year Poetry Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown.