Issue 16 – Summer 2009 – Adam Clay

Adam Clay

Psalm: And The Light

And the light                   the light I do not mourn             is a lean-to

            Below the night sky                     Punctured night sky now                    

Farewell poppies                         Farewell                          throated-sun               

                      A lake behind the dunes                      hidden behind a sigh of sand      

A kneel darling a bending of the knees a back broken tiny prayer of sparrow

           Healed                     Repaired          A penny for my Lord

An autopsied tree             grown divine  

                          under the flickering light of this room

                All of these things                     and more



Psalm: As If I Could

As if I could stare into the woods long enough to make you appear

            A tree holds your form  A form holds itself only as long as an eye

is present                     The sky cries out                    

            But its cry can’t keep its volume

constant             Scent of fire        Ash in a box                  Bones             

be carried off by Carrion Crows                            Adapt to the grip of air                       

            As if I could remain silent with the noise all around              

As if the weight of a deity on my back could whisper mortality in one ear      

                        Out the other  
                                                 Let a voice precede each disaster       

Let reverence                  live forever



Psalm: Siphoned Sky

Siphoned sky                      Certain smoke           Hesitation           Ground to tiny bits

             Lately late river            Grasp of ice          

Darling expanse                         To think regret                                And mean mend

                          Inward forecast                         light snow                           Light

Forecast                           Glass man                                      Straw on fire         
                          Atmospheric foyer                    Vestibule of light                    

                 Shoes piled wetly                        on each other                          

                         And under each other                Broken ankle              

Removed stain with blood              A laugh turned inside-out              



Adam Clay is the author of The Wash (Parlor Press, 2006) and A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World (Milkweed Editions, forthcoming). He lives in Michigan and co-edits Typo Magazine.