Issue 11 – Winter 2006 – Barbara Maloutas

Barbara Maloutas


direction 5

surrender a bad start                 (to)
notes why wake up anymore
but as I walk     (I am) no longer
there could never be such a place
she listens with a glance a settling in
light that touches earth shakes
the waiting for (seeing) him again
the birds go up  winged            alone
sit in     all stands          a word for trees
fast fading also faster
where’d the sun
the waves are steep waves
now that worries the future        the furniture
from the corner closest (to) dreaming



Barbara Maloutas is the author of In a Combination of Practices (New Issues, 2004) and Practices (New Michigan Press/Diagram, 2003). Her work has appeared in journals including Aufgabe, Free Verse, Segue, Tarpaulin Sky, Good Foot, The New Review of Literature, Bird Dog and BeAware. Her work is anthologized in Intersections: Innovative Poets of Southern California (Green Integer, 2005) and online in the 5th Anniversary Issue of Segue (Miami University-Middletown, 2006). She teaches book structures, book arts and typography at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.