Sarah Blake


Artemis Takes Apollo into the Woods at Night

I know it’s time when I can’t make out my own hands. I have him bite down hard on a wintergreen Lifesaver, leaving his lips open, so I can see sparks fly from his teeth. Like he could catch himself on fire. Like I could burn him into a set of stars. I tell him stories of monks and immolation. He so seldom pays attention to Earth anymore, I have centuries of stories to tell.

Aphrodite Tries to Write a Poem

Lion image
Lion image
Lion image
Tall grass

Tall grass and birds
And birds and sky
Sky image

Lion image
The only lion image in the world
It devastates you



Sarah Blake‘s debut novel Naamah was published by Riverhead Books in 2019. Blake is also the author of Let’s Not Live on Earth, featuring the epic poem “The Starship,” and Mr. West, an unauthorized lyric biography of Kanye West, both from Wesleyan University Press. An illustrated workbook accompanies her chapbook Named After Death (Banango Editions). In 2013, she was awarded a literature fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.