Robert S. King

The Way Out
          — for Ian

In his lowly lit space is an artist
who paints a window
of his perfect world,
images of wishes surreal
on a canvas wall,
panoramas for the spirit’s way out.

Here trees bend in invisible wind,
a storm chased off to distance,
a dove sewn to a flag on the hill,
the moon and sun in a morning kiss.

Here his eyes brush across
early patches of daylight
where the frozen wind waits for a thaw.

This could be the day
when the window is full,
when he sees the whole picture,
when he dots the last i and signs
his name in the far corner of a road, 
when his window comes to life,
and he climbs out.



Robert S. King lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. He has published three chapbooks and two full-length collections of poetry. He serves as Director of FutureCycle Press,