Elizabeth Winder

And the Change Sweet Dissect Means Adore Now
(The Queen lists her reasons for the dairy at Rambouillet)


  1. Night grows eel-colored.  The beasts


  1. in the frieze take fright.  No


  1. lamb no lamb no lamb small Apollo beheaded.


  1. And above me the color of milk.  Calm cooling fraîcheur I never have—


  1. known.  Lebrun knows it’s rare, saltwork and


  1. silence.  Oh but sometimes [she says] the Thing Itself culls—



                        7.  and Cream for Your Breakfast, etc.



The Gallantry of Durer’s Goldfinch

The wrongness of briding her

               sat on his beak like Old Ice.

               That she could be an etching like me is certainly possible,

               quoth he.



Elizabeth Winder’s poems have appeared in American Letters and CommentaryThe Burnside ReviewThe Antioch Review, and elsewhere.