from CANTO I

“How can we show, without betraying them, the simple things sketched between the
twilight and the sky? By the virtue of stubborn life, in the circle of artist time, between
death and beauty.” --René Char




Of Its Own Accord


                     and this
crazy azalea bursts
into flame:


how the past perishes
how the future becomes




The Problem of Freedom


      present in the trees’
rings, and the leaves fall

the traces




sung by
                 Mnemosthyne, washed
                                                             by Lethe


the question           
we formulate on its
                                                the past perishes




The Problem of Freedom    


present in the trees’
                                  rings, the leaves fall
-ing, each day



answers to the question


The Problem of Freedom


leaves fall
each day
differs             from itself

every moment:


(affection: polysemy
without mask, this




Of Its Own Accord


late September and this

under the falling leaves


Song of Secret Hymns


“we follow this road because where we were became impossible”              

bone, top, ball, tambourine, apples, mirror, fan and fleece, compass and square: a ligament, a
bond or tie: trenches, furrows, gaps between fences, paths into forests, crossroads, the place
between high and low tide,

      “once upon a time,”
                                    “it was and was not so...”

the eidos of
                determinate space, the face
                                                          of the outside


Legba, Oedipus, werewolves, witches...


Jennie Neighbors first book, Between the Twilight and the Sky, will be published by Free Verse Editions/Parlor Press in 2008.