You may confidently
regale me with snow:
as often as I strode through summer
shoulder to shoulder with the nuilberrv tree
its youngest leaf shrieked.

              --Paul Celan, Atemwende


                                                                                inward press of space

world's foreshortened: slow drift

of snow flake like chalk dust gathering

to whiteness

                                              white daisies wild

in a field of white


its own immensity

                                                                                                of sky bloated
                                                                                                bulging like a tent


dust gathers in the wake of

passing cars

                                                 next the anemone

                                                 vein blue and varicose 

we grow

vast incrementally

in inclement



mid-winter's dream of summer

                                              dream not unlike the

                                              end of Fellini's


old ghost in a mattress rolled                                                    io ricordo

up in                                                                               matrimonio di

the cellar house guests you                                                       io ricordo

me light that is                                                                campo ventoso

heat's haze unassumng steady still                                             io ricordo

                                             season's dance and the dance

                                            of the years

                                            crocuses once more

                                            once more

tree's latticed shade

over cars spit-smoldering

in parking lots


time through the tree reveries

rivers                                                                              rivers are

and the signs it weaves                                                   reveries

leave-off appear

and disappear

                                                   and floe


through the open window

surge of traffic over the broad

highway unseen

surfs and

surfaces in the ear

                                                 we hear

                                                                                           (for the wave is not a-part

                                                                                            but of the very

                                                                                            underbelly of the sea)


crunching underfoot

like small stones


Sea circle

                                                                                            (The sea is circled

Circle Small


                                                                                            and sways

                                                   River run

                                                   ragged in the valley


Hole hollow


White bone                                                                         upon its plant-like stem)

                                                 Islands and islands
                                                 of small white stones


trees: their woodedness:


the branches quiver

(faintly they quiver)


patient infinitely


Guatam Verma grew up in Bombay, in India, and is currently finishing a Ph.D. in English at the University of Denver. He has poems appearing in Folio. His previous publications include poems in Envoi (UK), Poetry Digest, Manifold, Mangrove, and other small magazines.