from River Aspect

An omniana of intension or tension or a curiously
reluctant half light – returning turning through
twigs and extensions of branches fingered river
well worn and comforting fibre - rattan caned
gives under foot gathering how secondary thought
transpires to inclination or a distant spire diffusion
of rainbow light a rain drip concludes in a mottling
omniferous always the great trunks seem
unimpregnated - sending horizontal and lateral
obfuscations foliageous some skin love of sorts a
baizing moistness filter and light defer cede then
generate once more increasing in a concern of
viviousity capitulated or acquiesce water over
rocks echo in a silence seeking a some gone
surrender – gather along trenches and dark places
that eventually find release nothing remains
contained flanges and lifts appear as normal
compatibility skates on the underside of plants and
fauna red dots and a grill vein taken – a parting of
extremes – condition and contrast a path opens
towards a track over fields and hills.

James Mc Laughlin from Scotland. Mature student graduate of Glasgow University 2003 with MA hons English and American Literature. Published Stride, Great Works, FREE VERSE, nthposition, Blackbox Manifold, gistsandpiths, etc.... Currently working as freelance writer and artist.