The End: A Triptych for Mark Rothko



                                                                                                no highway home no end in sight
                                                                                                no way out no turning back
                                                                                                black on gray gray in black




                                         weight, volume, density; texture, tonality; surface, depth, the

                                      void, that is                        the opening

it’s the direction that’s the mystery (MR)





                                      the end’s by                        arriving at it


                                      this is the end:                    coming to see

Gautam Verma lives and works in Piacenza, Italy, where he has been the past few years since completing graduate work at the University of Denver. He has poems out or forthcoming from 26, Blaze Vox, Big Bridge, Word For/Word, Drunken Boat, Diagram and Moria among others and a trio of chapbooks - "Tombs" and "In Ladakh" from Shearsman and "Soundings" from Blaze Vox ebooks.