snow, snow (spelling
of inches (footage
one day for (a year
conflicting numbers
     as measured from
mornings turn
     on the news

all the snow
     in Albuquerque
roads closed due
     to weather (out
enough breaking clear
morning just cold
enough for (another
     day as forecasted
snow continues (crescendo
     of drifts (this
     struggle of trees
     and powerlines under
     the weight (sad fact
never snows (havoc
     on the road for weeks
snow is our fault
sunlight (storm making
     another pass


Glenn Bach is a poet and sound artist from Long Beach, California.  His current project is Atlas Peripatetic, a long sequence inspired by the sounds of his morning walk to work.  Excerpts have appeared in such journals as Dusie, Jubilat, mprsnd, and Zafusy, and in future issues of Great Works and 42opus.