Flying over the Rockies to
catch a following sequence of
an instance of heartstop
                           to hover
with the bigness of it all
going nowhere fast.

How vast to an Island mind
with nothing to compare
its impact
on how a meadow flower
would survive such heights
and the usefulness of



In Idaho
in high altitude snow
smoke in the mouth
doth not warm the feet.

So goes an old English
proverb circa 2002 written by
in thin-cold
of home
thirst for news
as river-fish
                 thrashing quick on the
tongue-tip of

Geraldine Monk lives in the industrial city of Sheffield in the north of England. Noctivagations, her latest collection of poems and other texts, was published by West House Books in 2001. A substantial collection of 'Selected Poems' will be brought out by Salt Publishing in 2003.